Imagine owning one of only 150 BBC Passes. Holding onto this pass not only opens doors to a world of perks but also lets you stack up rewards like never before.

Free Mint
1 Free mint for BBC main Collections
Passive ADA Giveaways
Access to BBC Pass ADA giveaways for Volume Milestones
2 WL on all future Mints
Access to the OG BBC Channel
Passive $CARROTS
Earn Passive $CARROTS through staking and giveaways provided by The Bunny Track

WL Mint

Discounted for our loyal members
20 ₳
  • Guaranteed 1 Pass
  • Discounted rate at 10 ADA
  • 2 hour timeframe to mint
Sold Out

Public Mint

For the Public
30 ₳
  • Mint is not guaranteed
  • Can mint multiple passes
  • No discounts